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Parisian with Liberty S23 Pocket Hanks

Parisian with Liberty S23 Pocket Hanks

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The Liberty Kaleidoscope collection takes us on the most vivid journey of all – through the rainbow, into a prismatic universe of colour. 

Practical and emotive, subjective yet universal, the artistic application of colour has fascinated humanity for tens of thousands of years. 

In this collection, the Liberty Fabrics designers explore the cultural, natural and historical components of different colours.


Tumble into a tropical paisley paradise, unfurling across a rich and fantastical landscape. Meticulously assembled from a number of tiny painted fragments discovered in the Liberty archive, Miro’s Paradise features glimpses of beautiful sea vistas – revealed through a spectacular display of lush, richly-saturated vegetation.



Botanical worlds collide within a richly saturated deep-sea garden. Its fantastical marine bouquets incorporate blooming tropical flowers juxtaposed against billowing seaweed fronds and bright, spiky coral.

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