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Liberty Cotton W21 Hanks

Liberty Cotton W21 Hanks

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Winter 2021- Liberty Fabrics celebrates the excellence and eclecticism of modern craft, from the artisan’s technique to the beautiful objects they create. This collection reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of decorative arts, from brocade and gilt to sculpture, pottery, and weaving. It is a celebration of the beauty and individuality of artisanal designs, and the creative people who bring them to life. The Parisian edit is a curation of select designs with scale and colour most suited to our accessory pieces.

ALICIA BELL Originally hand-painted by the Liberty design studio in 1957, the design is reminiscent of classic style florals, and features a variety of flowers including buttercups, sweet pea, and morning glory.

FRENCH BROCADE Inspired by an artwork from the Liberty archive, the elaborate Tree of Lifestyle print is reminiscent of brocades found in Stately houses.

KILN Inspired by the palazzo tiles at the Palace of Versailles, repeating hexagons form a striking small scale geometric design.

PIETRA DURA Created using a collaging technique inspired by the ancient decorative art Pietra Dura, featuring colourful tropical fruit.

PATCHWORK CANVAS A mid-scale multidirectional geometric painted in soft watercolour and inspired by woven heirloom blankets and the history and legacy of folk items.

PAPER PETALS This large-scale multidirectional design was created by using painted crepe paper to make 3D models of Hollyhock flowers which were then photographed.

OSTERLEY Created in gouache, this trailing floral print is reminiscent of stately homes and their gardens.

SWEET MIDNIGHT The sweet pea’s delicate nature is expressed in this watercolour design, with added details drawn in pencil.
KRASNER This abstract design was inspired by an archive scarf from 1985 and represents the collaged art works of artists working in the 1950’s.



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