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Liberty Cotton S20 Ties

Liberty Cotton S20 Ties

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Our seasonal story is painterly and vivid, inspired by the brushstrokes of artists like Henri Rousseau and Paul Gaugin. Each design is alive with the movement and intensity of the tropics, from the creeping tendrils and vibrant flora of the jungle to the golden reverie of fragrant coastal blooms. Delicate ink and watercolours evoke an intricate botanical naturalism while gouache paints and dappled oils create surrealist expressions of scenes.



Sweeping clusters and meandering trails of wildflowers create a sense of movement, like a gentle breeze sweeping through a meadow of blossoms. This small all-over floral print was originally created for Liberty in 1966.



A riot of colour, this painterly tangle of foliage and tropical flora creates a jungle landscape for intrepid explorers to uncover. Painted in brightly coloured acrylics which add texture and movement to the repeat.



This abstract geometric design takes harbour flags fluttering in the wind as its inspiration. The scale has been significantly reduced and painted in flat colour using gouache – abstracting the flags into a tapestry of pattern and colour.



Inspired by the star like flowers found in the paintings of Gustav Klimt, this all over ditsy floral twinkles and glimmers like a hazy summer’s day.

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