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Aertex FYQ101 Taunton Polo

Aertex FYQ101 Taunton Polo

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Aertex - The air-conditioned shirt

Aertex shirts are manufactured from 100% cotton in the distinctive AERTEX cellular weave. The air is trapped in the cloth. By being 'clothed in air' the body is allowed to breathe, adjusting to any condition keeping you cool when it's warm and warm when cool.

What sets these Aertex shirts apart is their unique buttoning design. Unlike traditional shirts that button all the way through, these shirts feature a four-button layout that adds an extra element of style. This design choice strikes a perfect balance between a refined appearance and a laid-back vibe.

This season we have a fantastic array of new colours and styles, something to suit everyone.

Please Note: Aertex shirts are based on a fuller fit - our recommendation would be to opt for one size smaller than you would normally wear in a shirt other than aertex. Please see size guide on this page 

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