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Parisian with Liberty AW23 Pocket Square

Parisian with Liberty AW23 Pocket Square

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A Liberty Odyssey invites us on a voyage inspired by early storytelling – the ancient myths and legends of classical antiquity.

Drawing from the rich symbolism and captivating iconography of mythic narrative to explore Liberty’s own heritage of storytelling through art and design, the collection takes influence from the epic tales o gods, monsters, and heroes, which have continued to ignite the imaginations of artists and poets for millennia.


Inspired by the myth of Medusa, this mesmerising botanical paisley incorporates intricate seaweed-like foliage alongside fantastical flowers and cascading fronds. Drawn from a Liberty furnishing fabric created in the 1970s, this reimagining brings to life a mysterious concoction of flora and fauna. Look closely to discover trails of Medusa’s legendary serpent-like hair, writhing through the verdant jungle.

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