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Liberty Cotton W20 Ties

Liberty Cotton W20 Ties

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Autumn Winter 2020 – Botanical Gallery



Parisian’s carefully curated collection for Autumn/Winter 2020 combines prints that celebrate Liberty’s heritage through the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the flower as an integral part of the Liberty DNA.



Drawing from the science of horticulture as inspiration, while adding a twist of romanticism, these designs showcase the artistry of botany.



Botanist’s Diary



Originally created using Gouache paint this colourful pressed floral design features flowers that are traditionally found in English gardens.






Originally hand painted during the 1930’s and printed at Liberty’s Merton printworks, this floral design is made up of dense and simplified daisies. Drawn with a very fine outline, this allover repeat pattern pays homage to the traditional Liberty style.



Eva Belle



From the 1910s to the 1930s Liberty produced many designs in the Jacobean needlework style to suit their customer’s taste for historical patterns. One of these forms the basis for Eva Belle.



Ragged Robin



A 'sketchy' stylised floral with a rich mix of classic English country flowers, ribwort plantain, traveller’s joy, herb two pence and ragged robin used to create a traditional floral. The symbolic meaning of these flowers range from ardour, wit, fertility, rest and safety



Jemma Rose



Inspired by beautiful rose gardens, Jemma Rose is a painterly design which incorporates large brush strokes and textured marks into this playful design.



Star Anise



Hand painted ditsy flowers create this multi-directional textural design.



Bitter Sweet



Inspired by botanists and the study of British wild berries, this design celebrates different types such as rosehips, sloes, elderberries, bilberries and rowan berries. Painted using vibrant inks in watery washes.



Poppy Amelie



Inspired by Artist and Botanist Cedric Morris’ vibrant floral paintings, these dancing poppies were drawn in pencil crayon on black paper to add drama and depth.



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